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Blessing Essiett

Director of The Sunday Essiett Company



Sunday and myself came to the UK with my mum in 2001, my mum left to Nigeria in 2003, she was very ill and told us she was going to Nigeria for herbal treatment. Unfortunately, that was the last time Sunday and I saw her.
From the day our mum died, our lives changed dramatically. We moved from one address to another, moving addresses was then a very usual and expected thing to us, We had no stable address.
Around 2004 an aunt, which turned out not to be a relative at the end, came to our aid. We moved from Hackney to South London, where she lived, but life was not too merry as we thought it was going to be. To cut a long story short, after years of living with this aunt, it seemed like she was getting fed up of us. There was even a time when she called Lambeth Social Services on us, .
There was a point where I felt so worried about Sunday because of the group of people he was hanging around with. Natalie Tomlinson was Sundays head of year at the time and she also felt worried about Sunday so she called me to have a chat with her at the school. When I went there we spoke and even Natalie called Social Services again but nothing was done to help Sunday. I was disappointed, I really wanted to get Sunday help so I found an MP named Abdul and we met at the Thurlow Lodge Centre at the Aylesbury Estate. He told me to get a picture of Sunday so that he could give it to police, but sadly the next day Sunday was confirmed dead.
Sunday was around the woolwich area on february 19th. He was with a couple of friends in the morning, whereby one of the boys he was with got arrested because of a feud they had with some Thamesmead boys. Later that day, when Sunday and his friends where playing football at a pitch around the Woolwich area. They were then approached by the group of males that had a problem with one of his friends earlier on.
Sunday had a imitation gun in his bag that he was carrying and the friend Sunday was with, pulled the gun out of Sundays bag and pointed it at the boys. The boys later found out that the gun was an imitation one and they chased Sunday and his friend back. Sundays friend was able to jump over a fence to get away but Sunday couldn't, so he was ambushed by the group of four men and was repeatedly stabbed 37 times. I believe that no matter how somebody has offended a person, they shouldn't be put through the pain that Sunday went through.
Social Services at the end of the day, after failing to help him out when he needed it, were the same people that paid for his funeral. A year later after his burial I had no money to get a headstone for Sunday, but one of the directors, Claire Johnston, brought up an idea to do a fundraising event to raise money for his headstone. To Gods grace we were able to get a headstone for Sunday and even the headstone company was also of great help to us, knocking off some of the money off the overall total of the headstone.
I can't believe its 5 years already since Sunday died. I will forever be missing him very much. He was my world. He meant everything to me but I guess everything happens for a reason. I miss the Jokes and fights we had together. Sunday is truly missed. He would have been turning 21 this March but it is so sad that we can't celebrate his birthday with him. Nobody will and ever know the pain I go through each day knowing I will never get to talk to you or even hold you. I miss and love you Sunday and you will forever be in my heart. I was very delighted when I heard about the establishment of the company because it makes me know that my brothers name continues to live on and we are also doing events to help youths out there. I am really so grateful for everyone that has stood beside me during all my hard times, I pray that God continues to guide and protect them.

~ Blessing Essiett (Sundays sister)


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