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This blog is created to encourage, equip and build up young people to ensure that they know their worth.

It is also a beneficial aid for those who support them.


Natalie Tomlinson expertly delivers motivational speaking which is not only motivational and informative, but leaves people attending her seminars feeling extremely empowered and enlightened.

Workshops facilitated by Natalie are highly informative and very interactive.

Natalie's passion for teaching young ladies & men to value and respect their true worth and covering topics that many professionals tend to avoid, means that not only do participants find her workshops and seminars extremely engaging, but also very thought provoking.


Natalie uses valuable information and eye-opening stories about today's youth and their culture to show them how to succeed in life. Young people will learn the importance of having self-respect and how to boost their own self-esteem. They'll walk away with a new attitude and the sense that no matter what their past, it's not too late to make positive changes.

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Mothers &






The relationship between a mother and daughter can be a beautiful one and like no other.

Some are extremely close, while others just don’t want to be around each other for various reasons.

There are those who may have lost their bond due to being away from each other for a long period of time.

To me, it is extremely important that mothers and daughters work on having the best relationship that they possibly can.


It's so important that parents spend quality time with their children and apologise, if necessary and listen to them. The reality is that we are not the only ones raising them, so we really need to be on the ball.

I've been working with young people for more than 20 years and have too often seen the results of poor relationships, neglect and abuse.

It really gets to me how many young ladies don’t know their worth and go looking for love in the wrong places. Sometimes this is simply because their mothers don't know theirs. 

The media often causes girls to think that they need to look a particular way, in order to be accepted in society and when they don't match it, they feel bad about themselves. Not realising that they valid and that true beauty comes from within and cannot be wiped off with a tissue. 

I have been blessed to have the mother I have. She is my biggest supporter and always tells me the truth. She has taught me that I am valuable and special and is my role model. But unfortunately, many girls do not have good relationships with their mothers and it's important to me to help them try to repair those relationships, because I am in awe of my mother!

There are so many people I know, who are hurting from not having good relationships with their mothers.  But even if they cannot do much about their situation, they can choose to break the cycle, like my mum did.

On Saturday 9th September 2017, The Sunday Essiett Company held our first Mother and Daughter Ball, to bring parents and daughters together for an evening of sharing, bonding and dancing. It was also for mother figures and non-biological daughters, as many have had to stand in the gap, for various reasons. 

This was a dream I’d had for many years, so it was beautiful to see it manifest. This event reminded me that nothing happens before it's time. I believe that if I have done this event years ago, it wouldn't have had the substance that it needed, because I needed to grow and experience things to make it the success that it was. Therefore, I didn't kick myself for not doing it sooner.

What really touched me, was seeing how much the mothers and daughters enjoyed it.

Collette Squire and I made them write a letter to their daughter, which they gave to them on the day. There were also apologies from mothers to their daughters. There was a fun quiz, to se how well they really know each other and there was dancing. It was lovely!


You do not have to have given birth to a child, to be a parental figure to them.

Sometimes as parents, we can be so busy trying to make money to give our children a good life, that we are not sufficiently available to them. We could be at home, but on the laptop working. 

Our children need more of us. We are losing so many young people and need to draw them closer to us. We need to know what’s on their minds and be willing and available to listen to them, because when we stop listening, they stop talking and that and that can be dangerous. 

Over the years, I have worked hard to help restore relationships between young people and their families. What I often notice is that there is a lack of communication or the delivery is poor.

I always encourage mothers and daughters to spend one evening a week together, doing things that they enjoy. It may involve going out to eat, staying home and watching a movie.  The main thing is that they spend quality time bonding, because it’s very important that our daughters know that things have to fit in around them and not that they have to fit in around our lives.

Inspirational Quotes byNatalie Tomlinson

My daughter, Sokari-Sade, is amazing. I can’t quite articulate how proud I am of her. For me, the aim has always been for her to be better than me and I believe that she is.


She graduated from University on 14th July 2017. That was one of the best days of my life!


I am a single mother and my mum is an amazing grandmother. It hasn’t been an easy road, but I know my daughter is a blessing. Right now she is in Japan, as a graduation present and I’m moping around feeling lost without her lol.


To any single mothers reading this, I encourage you to simply do your best. Don’t compare yourself to another mother and always remember that your child can achieve in spite of their absent parents. It’s a hard job, but you can do it, because your child needs you to do it. When you feel overwhelmed………. You WILL feel this way sometimes…….. talk to a more experienced mother than you and get advice.


There were times that I thought my daughter would be better off without me, because I didn’t believe that I was good enough for her. But I could not be without her and I had to work on being my best self, in order to be able to teach her to be her best self.

Some tips to improve relationships between mothers and daughters…


  • Listen to each other, without interrupting
  • Agree to disagree
  • Deliver your words wisely
  • Spend quality time together
  • Apologise
  • Forgive
  • Don’t let your unfulfilled expectations break down your relationship
  • Acknowledge your appreciation
  • Be considerate
  • Don’t criticize 



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Mother & Daughter Ball 2017

This week, I'm encouraging you to make a date with your daughter / mother, to have some uninterrupted time together.  No phones, just each other’s company. Clear the air about any awkwark things that may have happened in the past and agree to move forward in love!



Have a blessed and productive day!



Natalie Tomlinson 


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